Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Chance to Win $100 Gift Card to Home Depot!!

Follow these 3 simple instructions to enter into the SMT Realty $100 Home Depot Raffle Contest!

1). Like/Follow @SMTRealty Facebook Page OR Like/Follow @smt_realty Instagram Page
2). Share this Post on either Facebook or Instagram! (Make sure we're tagged) 
3). Complete the attached raffle registration link below. This is important so we know how to send you the gift!! 

Anyone can participate, regardless of location, however those who reside in Ohio will receive two raffle entries for participating! You must complete all of the outlined steps to be entered. Raffle will be drawn 1 week from Easter Sunday, April 23!! 

Don’t miss out on your free chance to win $100! Share! Share! Share!

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